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10 Ways to Keep Your Dance Floor Packed


  1. Make Sure Your DJ Has A Plan: Your DJ should have a plan of action in regards to programming music, transitioning songs and “changing it up” when things aren’t working.  Anyone can play music.  You hire a DJ to read your crowd and adapt to what’s working “in the moment.” They should also be skillful in making smooth transitions from song to song.  The last thing you want is a packed dance floor that clears every time a new song comes on.  Make sure your DJ can explain the strategy they have to keep your crowd on the floor.
  2. Make Sure The DJ & The Bar Are Near The Dance Floor: Believe it or not, the layout of the room really makes a difference whether people are going to dance or not.  Some rooms have a portable bar and there is flexibility for its location.  It’s extremely difficult to keep an energetic dance floor when the bar is in a separate room.  The DJ needs to be near the dance floor because the level of the music will increase during the dancing part of the evening.  You want your dance floor to be fun and energetic but still have other parts of the room where people can talk to each other.  The bar and the dance floor are the 2 most popular spots.  Why not put them close together!
  3. Don’t Feel Pressured to Pick Every Song: Give the DJ a general idea of what you like and avoid trying to “Pre-Program” the evening.  You never know how your crowd is going to react.  Allow some area for improvisation on the DJ’s part. Don’t feel like you have to pick enough music to cover the entire evening.
  4. Variety: You have a variety of guests so it only makes sense to have a variety of music to keep as many people interested as possible.  When you’re picking music for your event try to think of who is on your guest list.  Choosing a mix of different genres including slow songs usually ensures that your guests will feel welcome and “included” in your celebration.
  5. Involve Your Friends and Family in Requests: Usually, your friends and family know a lot of people in the room.  If they are out there dancing, they tend to draw others to the dance floor.  Remember, a dance floor full of people is a lot more inviting than an empty dance floor.
  6. Look Online and ask your DJ for Music Suggestions: com, iTunes home page and local radio station’s websites are great resources to see what’s currently hot.  Your DJ should have something that gives you guidance in selecting music as well.
  7. Keep Your Guests Entertained: Everything should “Flow” during the evening.  There should never be a “lull” during the evening.  Your guests will generally stay longer if they’re not bored.  You should always make a timeline with your DJ and rely on them to keep you on track.  The more your guests are entertained, the more likely they will hang out and dance.
  8. Participate: Make sure you dance!  Everyone came to see you and they tend to conjure wherever you are.  Bring them to the floor!
  9. Invest in some Flip Flops or Slippers: Women like to be comfortable when they dance.  A basket of flip flops (in assorted sizes near the DJ) is a great gift to your guests.  It definitely keeps the crowd at your reception longer and the women really feel appreciated. IMG_3226
  10. Ask People To Dance: Make people feel special by asking them to dance with you later.  You’ll have an opportunity to make your way around the room after dinner.  Just a brief comment like … “I hope to see you on the dance floor later … “ is all you need to plant a seed.

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