DJ Services

  1. Do you have my date available?

    The answer to this question is only a moment away! Please submit the Contact Us form with your event information and we will get you a response out right away!
  2. How far in advance do I need to book with you?

    We suggest booking at least 9 to 15 months out from your event date. Our calendar fills up fairly quickly. But it never hurts to check with us regarding availability.
  3. How long have you been in business?

    JD Entertainment had its humble beginnings in September of 1998.
  4. How many DJs do you have?

    We have a total of 8 experienced Disc Jockeys on staff (that work for JD Entertainment only)
  5. Do you have backup?

    Yes. JD Entertainment does not book more than 6 of their 8 DJs on a given day. We keep at least 2 DJs available for backup. The DJs arrive to every event 2 hours early and “Check In” with our backup staff member. They also have backup equipment hooked up and ready to use at any moment during the events.
  6. Do your DJs take breaks?

    No. There is always music playing. Except during speeches and announcements.
  7. Do your DJs coordinate the evening?

    Yes. We make sure we design a time line (with you) before the wedding and the DJ will keep things moving along so your night doesn’t “get away from you.” We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the evening instead of worrying about what time it is. Leave your watch at home!
  8. How much do you charge for a DJ?

    Usually we are right around the average wedding price for a DJ in Michigan even though we consider our service to be well above the average in quality. There are a few factors that determine price. The date, location, number of hours, lighting package, sound system package and our current specials/Military Discounts all play a role in determining price. One thing is for sure, if you take an interest in speaking with us so we can understand the scope of your event (and we can explain what is included in our services) we can better assess what the cost will be. With that being said, the average price for a wedding DJ in Michigan is around $1000. Every client and event is unique. It is better to call or email us for a free consultation and estimate. It usually takes less than 5 minutes.
  9. Do I get to pick my own music?

    DJ-Services-MichiganAbsolutely! When you book with us our system automatically generates a user login and password specific to you. You have access to your own personal Client Portal where you can get song suggestions for your Grand Entrance, Bride & Groom, Father/Daughter, etc. dances. With our 20 plus years of experience (and our online searching) we’ve compiled an easy accessible list for each of these formal activities that you can click on and hear audio samples! We’ve done all the work for you. In addition to our formal dance suggestions and our planning forms, we have a music database that you can go through for suggestions on the dancing part of the evening. Anytime you make changes or adjustments to your information, the DJ is notified via email. The follow up with your DJ is usually done one month prior to your event. After the follow is complete, the DJ knows exactly what they need to do to make your event successful (and the way you want it) Of course you can call or email us anytime if you need help throughout the process.

Photography Services

  1. How many weddings have you shot?

    All of our Photographers are seasoned wedding professionals and have shot at least 300 weddings before they’ve started working for JD Entertainment, LLC.
  2. How would you describe your photography style? (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)

    Our Photographers are required to shoot a combination of all of these styles but they certainly don’t shoot every wedding the same way. We welcome and encourage all of our clients to speak directly with their Photographer so everyone has a clear idea of your expectations.
  3. How would you describe your working style?

    JD Entertainment Photographers definitely take a front seat to getting your photos taken care of. We don’t want your day to get away from you. So based on your communication with your photographer; they will show up on your day with a plan. Your photographer will take care of all the important shots, then hang back and capture the day in an unobtrusive fashion.
  4. What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?

    We can only go by what our clients tell us. Here are some comments from some recent reviews. Our bridal party, parents and friends all enjoyed our Photographer’s company and professionalism. So professional, easy-going, and well-prepared. Our Photographer was a true artist and took amazing pictures. Our Photographer did whatever it took to get the Photos.
  5. Do you have a portfolio I can review? Are all of the images yours, and is the work recent?

    Yes, yes and yes. We allow you to look at a gallery of an entire wedding that “your” prospective Photographer shot and edited for that client. The same goes for engagement sessions and albums; so you have a very clear idea of the Photographer’s finished product and most recent work.
  6. What type of equipment do you use? Are you shooting in digital?

    All of the JD Entertainment photographers use HD Digital Cameras that are professional grade and have multiple lenses and lighting options for all types of settings.
  7. How much does your photography cost?

    The common answer to this common question is it depends. To make this answer as simple as possible; most people invest between $1700 and $2800 for their Photography package. Some of the options that drive the price include: albums, style of albums, the number of hours we are shooting, the number of Photographers, Engagement Session and are you combining your Photography package with any of our other services (Like DJ or Video)?

Videography Services

  1. What’s the videographer’s style — cinematic, documentary, or a mix of both?

    Our Videographers are required to shoot a combination of all of these styles. The style of shooting is usually based on the package booked but we certainly don’t shoot every wedding the same way. We welcome and encourage all of our clients to speak directly with their Videographer so everyone has a clear idea of your expectations.
  2. Has the videographer done many weddings before?

    Absolutely! We started doing Video for weddings back in 2001 and some of our original team members are still with us today! You’ll be able to view samples of our work ahead of time and see for yourself what a talented team of professionals we have!
  3. Has the videographer won any awards?

    Of course! One of our recent clips just won a Telly Award and we have won many awards in the past. You are welcome to visit our Clinton Township Office to view our shelf of Trophies!
  4. How does the Videographer coordinate with the wedding photographer?

    Obviously we all want everything to look great (Photos and Video included). Our Videographers take a very un-obtrusive approach to shooting. You hardly know that they are there. We communicate very well with all Photographers (especially our own).
  5. What types of cameras, tapes, and microphones will the videographer use? How new is the equipment?

    All of our equipment is of the most recent technology and commercial grade. We use True HD camcorders and with a variety of lenses and lights to make sure we get the most crisp, clear & well lit shots as possible.
  6. How bright a light do you use?

    We use on-camera and off camera lights that do not affect the ambience of your entire room. We are only lighting up the area directly in front of the camcorder. After your formal dances have concluded, we turn off the dance floor lights and just us the on-camera lights. We don’t want your guests to be dance floor shy because we’re lighting things up like a Christmas tree!
  7. Will a backup camera be on hand for the event?

    Yes, we will have a backup camcorder, microphone and light on had, hooked up & ready to use at any moment!
  8. How much do you charge for Video? Are there packages?

    The 3 things that drive the price are Shooting Time, Editing Time and the Number of Shooters. We have packages and we are also willing to custom make a package for any of our clients to fit their taste and budget. On average, most people that book video with us, spend anywhere between $1800 to $2800.

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