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Accent Lighting for Weddings – Brighten Up Your Big Day

There are a lot of things you need to make just right when you’re planning your wedding. There are flowers, decorations, catering services, transportation and accommodation for guests, dresses and grooming for the bridal party, and many other concerns. One thing that should not be overlooked is the accent lighting for your wedding and the effects it can have on your big day.

Even the most beautiful venue will suffer under harsh or overly bright lighting. This is where accent lighting can really help to set the mood and make the vibe perfect for the occasion.

Accent Lighting for Weddings

Accent lighting is a type of up-lighting which is used to highlight certain features of the venue. There are several advantages to using accent lighting for weddings, including:
accent lighting for weddings

Advantages – Accent Lighting for Weddings

  • The visual impact the accent lighting will have on your guests when they walk in
  • The ability to customize your accent lighting set-up to suit your intended mood and feel
  • The enhanced quality of your wedding photographs

How Does Accent Lighting for Weddings Work?

It involves the strategic placement of small lights, usually LEDs, in key spots around the area. Both the architecture of the venue and layout of the room are taken into consideration.

Key Locations for Accent Lighting

  • Columns
  • Windows
  • Entrances
  • Overhead beams

Different rooms and venues will require different lighting set-ups. Some very large rooms may need lots of lights spread out, while smaller venues will need only a few here and there to highlight key areas. The look you are going for will also determine the number of lights – more for a broad wash of color, less for an intimate mood.

Lighting Sets the Tone for Various Areas of Your Wedding Venue

You might also consider arranging your lighting according to certain goals throughout the wedding, rather than just the mood. If you want speakers to be illuminated, a well-placed light can provide a spotlight. Do you have unique sculptures or artwork present? You might want to highlight these as well. Both of these tactics are especially effective in an intimate, low-light wedding.

Colored Accent Lighting

Another method is using colored lighting to create a themed wash of color. You might want to use the bride’s favorite color, or a color that both the bride and groom love. Seasonal weddings might want to use a color associated with the season – pinks for spring weddings or blues for winter weddings, for example.

Effects of Wedding Accent Lighting

Regardless of how you use accent lighting for your wedding, the effect it creates will make a big difference. Avoid an awkward mood during your ceremony and bad photos afterward by simply setting up your lighting effectively. This will maximize the appearance of the surroundings on your big day, and make it all the more memorable.


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Check out the effect accent lighting had on Kait and Tyler’s special day. If you’re in need of some lighting to accent the colors in your wedding reception, we are here to help! Give our expert staff a call (586-468-9560) or contact us today!

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