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So You’re Attending A Bridal Show: Our Advice To You!

Don’t try to attend every bridal show in a season! Pick a few that sound fun and enjoy them!

There are generally two types of bridal shows to choose from: larger expos and smaller, local shows typically held in local wedding venues. Both have their pros and cons. Pick which is right for you!

At a larger convention type shows, there are obviously a lot more vendors to choose from. You may even feel overwhelmed by your options! These shows are geared more towards newly engaged brides (and Grooms) that have started to window shop. We suggest looking over the show’s list of exhibitors! Pick out the ones that you are most interested in!

At smaller local shows you will not only get to check out some local wedding venue options but you also get the chance see some of those venue’s preferred vendors. This means that these vendors not only have experience working at these venues – they are recommended there! If you’re interested in a particular venue, ask if it’s hosting a bridal show or tasting event. While you’re at a show or tasting at a venue you are interested in – make sure to not only check out the inside of the venue but take a look at the grounds, including outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour areas (weather permitting).

You can see JD Entertainment at the following Bridal Shows this Winter/Spring 2017 season:

2020 Wedding Show


Know What You Need ( and what you don’t).

Do you have your venue picked out but are still in need of  DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Cake Maker, Linens, Invitations….so on and so on? Make a list of what you need and what you already have!

For larger shows it is helpful to look at that particular show’s website to see what Professionals will be at the show. Make a game plan! Map out what vendors will be located where at the show, and plan your accordingly! Pre-Register if you have a chance, it usually gets you registered for a big door prize!

You will be asked for your contact information – A lot! Most of the fun as a bride attending these bridal shows is to win free prizes! We get it! Be prepared – Make Labels!

Whether you attend a larger expo or local show – vendors are going to request some information from you! Not only will this give the vendor an easy way to reach you after the show, but as  with us, it also enters you to win a prize specific to that vendor. I know that we like to get the following information from future brides to stay in contact with them:


-Wedding Date


-Phone Number

-What services that you are interested in learning more about

That doesn’t seem like a lot now…but wait until you have to fill it out about 50 times! Save yourself a lot of time (and writing) by printing out labels or even business cards with your wedding info! Usually requested are name, email address, phone number, and wedding date (if you haven’t chosen a date yet, put TBD). If you want to get into further details you could put venue & budget info too.

Another great way to be prepared – Bring a BIG purse or bag!

At some of the larger shows you will sometimes get lucky and someone will be handing out bags, but I would bring a larger purse just in case! You will be collecting a lot of vendor information, magazines, and free stuff! I also highly suggest bringing a bottle of water and maybe even a snack or two depending on how long the show runs!

You have to enter contests to win them!!

Bridal shows are known for their great prizes! Obviously contests are a way for us as vendors to catch your attention…and you will get the chance to win cool prizes and money off of your wedding services! If you don’t want to hear from a lot of vendors after the show – be selective! Only enter contests from companies that you are really interested in…remember you are going to hear from them again.

Take Notes And Take Pictures!

I hate to say it again but bridal shows can get overwhelming. You will be over stimulated! By the end it’s hard to remember one company from another! Get a business card or brochure and take notes of the companies that you like on their cards! I suggest even taking a quick picture on your phone to remember the companies you want to talk with later! TIP: If you really liked someone set up an appointment ( at the show!), because after the show is over you are now competing with other brides for that vendor’s open dates!

Most Importantly – Have Fun!
This is after all suppose to be a fun time for you as a bride! Enjoy it! Win some prizes! Watch the show! Most shows will have some kind of fun entertainment! Even if you’ve already booked your DJ or bought your wedding dress, it’s still fun to watch the fashion shows! And usually, the door prizes are announced after the show – so find a seat!

After The Show!

Will you remember all of the vendors that you talked with? Probably not! Remember that when you enter to win a vendor prize – you are giving that vendor permission to contact you about their services! If they contact you, respond to their messages and if you decide you are no longer interested, let them know! Of course, we know that is not the case with with JD Entertainment : )


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