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Tips for a Toast or Bridal Speech


  1. Less is more :

Keep the speech 3- 5 minutes or less.  You lose people’s attention after a few minutes.  Most of the guests are hungry and waiting for dinner.  Short and sweet always gets a better reaction than a toast that drags on forever.

  • Limit your alcohol consumption before speaking:

Most people need a couple of drinks to calm their nerves before they speak in front of a large crowd.  Just try not to get carried away with it and it won’t become counterproductive.  Don’t get drunk.  It turns out to be very awkward and people tend to remember it for a long time.

  • Try to open with some humor:

A small joke usually allows you to calm down and finish the rest of the speech.  Make sure it is not a joke that insults the bride in any way.  Small stabs at the groom are ok but always keep it respectful with the bride.

  • Tell a story:

Audiences tend to be captivated a lot more when listening to a story.  Make sure the story is something that people can follow.  Don’t go through a bunch of short stories that only you and the Bride or Groom understands.  Also, make sure the story has an ending to it.  Don’t just jump from story to story.  In your story, give the audience an idea of who you are and why you are close to the bride or groom.  Allow people a clear picture of how you’ve come to the point of standing in front of them (right now) giving a speech for the newlyweds.  Remember to keep it short and sweet though.

  • Don’t forget the toast:

Don’t forget the purpose of your speech.  Oh yeah … The Toast!  Have people raise their glasses and toast to the Bride & Groom.  It seems obvious but I forgot to do this at my brother’s wedding and I’ve had to reminder other people to do this on multiple occasions.

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