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Wedding Colors 2019

Every year there are some unique trends in wedding colors and decorations. We at JD Entertainment stay up on all the new trends every year. Because we offer Wedding Accent Lighting, we program our lights in regards to the changes in the wedding industry. When Brides and Grooms rent our Accent Lighting, they usually want us to match their linens and or the color theme of their room. We’ve done a little research in regards to this year’s colors and this is what we’ve found:

Wedding Colors Carried Over from 2018:

According to The International Wedding Trends Report, the Rose Golds, Chromes and the ever-popular Purple will carry over to 2019.
wedding colors

Wedding Colors Trends for 2019:

Emerald Merlot tones and accents of Champagne.
popular wedding colors
According to Brit Bertino, these are the following colors making their way into 2019:

  • Amethyst
  • Rich Magenta
  • Emeralds
  • Ruby & Sapphire Blues

Wedding Colors in Accent Lighting

If you’re in need of some lighting to accent the colors in your wedding reception, we are here to help! Give our expert staff a call (586-468-9560) or contact us today!

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