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Curating the Perfect Wedding Playlist

You want every detail of your wedding to be perfect, and choosing the right wedding playlist for your reception is an essential part of your special day. However, there are hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from, and picking just a few can feel like an overwhelming task! You want to make sure the tone and mood are well-suited, and part of that is choosing the right wedding DJ.

An experienced wedding DJ, like the ones we have here at JD Entertainment, will help you narrow down your selection and create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding guests. With our knowledge, flexibility, and understanding of how to set the mood and vibe of a wedding, together we can curate the perfect wedding playlist for you and your guests.


Wedding Playlist

We tailor a wedding playlist to your personal tastes, so we’ll need your help to make sure everyone will enjoy the music. Here are our top tips for getting the playlist right and making your special day one to remember!

Keep Your Wedding Playlist Simple

It’s tempting to go overboard and try to plan every second of music in the tiniest detail, but this will cause you undue stress. Brainstorm with your partner — what songs are definite “must plays”? What kind of mood do you want to set for the reception?
Make note of the songs and artists that you definitely want to be played, and let the DJ handle the rest. An experienced DJ will get a feel for the mood from the songs you’ve chosen and be happy to put together a full playlist for you.

Give Your Wedding DJ Flexibility

We understand that you want your playlist to be perfect, and we’ll work with you to make sure you are delighted with it. If you just want your wedding DJ to play requests, the tempo and atmosphere could end up being disrupted. Letting your DJ have some maneuverability means they can create a quieter, more relaxed vibe while you’re eating and can get your friends and family moving when it’s time to dance.

Our wedding DJs have the experience to know the best way to put together songs to suit specific parts of the reception. We’re more than happy to accommodate every request and also glad to keep things flowing so you can focus on your wedding and not on the music.


Add Variety to Your Wedding Playlist

If you want to get your guests up and dancing, choose very familiar songs. People who are dancing are more likely to keep dancing to tracks they don’t recognize, as long as they hear songs they know too.
If some songs aren’t suitable to dance to, but you definitely want them played, talk to your DJ about having them played during a quieter part of the reception, like when everyone is eating. Attach a note to particular songs if you want them played at a specific time, like “Play during dinner.”

Remember Why You Hired a Professional Wedding DJ

An experienced, professional event DJ, like the ones who work with us at JD Entertainment, will be able to create the atmosphere you want for your wedding reception. They’ll know when to play which song, which tunes are essential to prioritize for you, and how many requests are suitable for your day. We’re here to handle the responsibility of providing the perfect playlist so you can dance the night away with your new spouse!

Contact us to Create Your Perfect Wedding Playlist

If you’re in need of a DJ to set the tone for your wedding reception, we are here to help! Give our expert staff a call (586-468-9560) or contact us today!

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